Spurwink School Project

In March of 2018, the Town Council’s Spurwink School Reuse Committee recommended locating the Cape Elizabeth Historical Preservation Society (CEHPS) into the historic Spurwink School building that sits in the center of town next to the Thomas Memorial Library.

William Widgery Thomas, Jr., the town library’s namesake, gifted the schoolhouse to the Town of Cape Elizabeth better than a century ago. He dreamed then of establishing “a lighthouse of knowledge” to forever serve residents young and old who were anxious to learn. A plaque honoring this gift hangs amid the debris in the schoolhouse today.

The historic schoolhouse, serving the community since 1845, became unoccupied in 2016 when the town’s new library was completed. It has remained unoccupied for over 5 years and for over 3 years since the Spurwink School Reuse Recommendation report was completed. To read the full report, click here to go to our Projects page.

It is time to prevent its further decline into disrepair! It is time to give this wonderful, deeply historic gift new life.





Help Make It Happen!

CEHPS and its many community members are committed to bringing our town’s exciting history to life for all ages as quickly as possible.

The facility, named the Cape Elizabeth History Center, will feature four main activity centers:

1. A town museum intended to excite and educate young and old, offering verbal histories from resident story-telling legends like Norm Jordan and Wayne Brooking, a scale model of Fort Williams WWI-WWII and videos related to the fort as a military base, a re-creation of William Widgery Thomas’ 1857 classroom, a diorama of the town’s historic Life Saving Station in action and much, much more

2. A modern climate-controlled archive storage area for the preservation of town-related documents, records, photographs, and artifacts dating back over two centuries

3. An accessible research area for the public retrieval of documents, archives, family histories and other information; and for the on-going work by CEHPS volunteers to digitize and catalog our entire and constantly growing collection of materials

4. An area for our popular series of town history-related programs that, post-Covid, will again be presented to the community

We need help to make this happen!

As the photos show (the odors, unfortunately, can’t be recorded) the building needs a lot of work inside and out. The Cape Elizabeth History Center project needs widespread community support today to bring this historic building back as an active lighthouse of knowledge for all ages!

Join as an active member today! Click here for a membership form.

Contact us about ways you can help to make the Cape Elizabeth History Center a reality!